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3QR Author Note: B. J. HOLLARS

There is no simple litmus test to gauge just how much of “Understudy” is true.  The premise is true (and for the record, the girl did say yes to the dance), but even the version that I think I remember, I only think I remember. In total, “Understudy” is three pages consisting of two versions of the same story. There’s the true version (or at least what I think is the true version) juxtaposed with the version that might have been, if the girl had answered differently.

When I write, I am often pigeonholed into genre; I am writing either an essay or a story.  But what makes The Three Quarter Review unique is that it actively encourages the blurring of genre. Yes, we are recounting truths, but we are also acknowledging the multiple versions of that truth.

If I were to ask ‘the girl’ if my version is accurate, I’m not sure what she’d tell me.  I know that she said yes to the dance and that her dress color was sea foam green, but beyond the hard facts, the rest is little more than interpretation.

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