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SLOUCH by Gale Acuff

"and then angels will help me to my feet, I guess."In Sunday School today I thought I died
and went to Heaven but it was only
a dream so I’d only fallen asleep
and when I woke I saw Miss Hooker, my
Sunday School teacher, standing over me
the way I guess God will when I wake up
dead in Heaven, for just a while and then
angels will help me to my feet, I guess,
if I still have them, feet I mean because
I might be all-soul and no flesh and blood,
and help me over to where God’s taken
a seat at His desk and on it the Book
of Life and if my name’s not in it then

I’m screwed and have to go to Hell but if
it’s written down then I get to stay in
Heaven forever. I opened my eyes
and the angels laughed–my classmates I mean
–and God cleared His throat but again that was
Miss Hooker, who asked, Did you have a nice
nap, Gale, my classmates laughing like angels’
wings flapping rapidly. But no sign of
Jesus in my dream or in the classroom.
When I finally remembered where I
was I sat up straight like I do at home
when I don’t realize I’ve been slouching
at the supper table. I want dessert.


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