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Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson, Founding Editor, 3QR: The Three Quarter Review, is a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University’s Writing Seminars and Advanced Academic Programs, a nonfiction essayist, and the author of Literature on Deadline (Caldwell Publishing). Her literary essays have appeared in various journals, including The Sun, Creative Nonfiction, The Washington Post, The Rumpus, Connecticut Review, Urbanite, and Utne Reader, as well as on WYPR/NPR affiliate, “The Signal.” Her work has been featured in two book collections: Signs of Life in the USA (Bedford/St. Martin’s) and Letters to J.D. Salinger (University of Wisconsin Press). She is a former staff writer for The Miami Herald, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and Johns Hopkins Magazine, among other publicationsShe is a current nominee for the Pushcart Prize.

As a foreign correspondent, she has written for The Baltimore Sun, Palm Beach Post, and American Journalism Review, reporting from Argentina, Ecuador, Nepal, India, Cuba, and China. Cavanaugh Simpson earned a master’s degree from Hopkins’ Writing Seminars and a bachelor’s in journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her master’s thesis, on Cuba’s dissident journalists, was funded by Harvard University’s Goldsmith Research Award. She is a former editor at the Baltimore Review and a recipient of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Arts Innovation grant. She recently earned her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Goucher College, where she was awarded the Christine White Award. Currently, she is working on a book about the digital evolution of humankind.

Brian W. Simpson, Managing Editor and Staff Photographer, 3QR The Three Quarter Review, is editor of Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine and Global Health Now.  His photographs have been published in The Baltimore Sun and Johns Hopkins Magazine. His poetry has appeared in Quarterly West, The Lucid Stone, and RATTLE. He’s published articles from Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, India, Nepal, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Cuba. In past lives, he worked as a newspaper reporter in Florida, a technical writer in Moldova, a freelance writer in Baltimore, and, very briefly, as a fry cook at Popeyes. Simpson has a Masters of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, an MA in poetry from Hopkins’ Writing Seminars, and a bachelor’s in English and journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

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