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Thank you & 3QTrue Print Anthology

We at The Three Quarter Review want to thank you for reading the work published via our quirky project featuring three-quarter true story telling, launched back in 2012. And, due to pandemic challenges, to let you know about our print anthology now set for release in 2023, 3QTrue.

Our groundbreaking online journal, 3QR, has been an experiment in writing outside categories — without guilt — provocatively creative work in prose and poetry that’s, well, mostly true. (The Art of film offers based-on-a-true story flexibility, why not writing?). When you read a 3QR piece, you know what it is (at least 75 percent true), and can read with the contract in place.

We are especially proud to announce that we are, occasionally yet diligently, working on our print anthology, 3QTrue. (The COVID-19 pandemic slowed us down, and reality itself seems to have morphed into a somewhat fictionalized experience these last few years).

3QTrue, a book of stories and poems from 3QR writers, including the late Stephen Dixon and renowned poet Mary Jo Salter, will be on sale, with info posted on this site.

Again, many thanks for your support, patience, and art.

Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson, Editor
Heidi Vornbrock Roosa, 3QR contributor and 3QTrue Managing Editor

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